Marine Biology

Goulandris Museum of Natural History founded the Marine Biology Department in 1972 under the management of Mrs. Marianna Delamotte, aiming at registering and presenting to the general public the marine biodiversity, through the collections developed.

The department’s activities are various and are summarized to research, training, informative and publishing work.

The study of mollusks of the Greek seas, both of contemporary and fossil species, is the basic object of the department’s works. Based on the collections, studies are carried out concerning the systematic classification, ecology, zoogeographical expansion of species, as well as on changes taking place in biodiversity. The research results of the programs are announced at conferences and are published in scientific publications, whereas information is also provided to researchers, students and visitors. Apart from publications, exhibitions and educational programs are organized contributing to sensitization of pupils and visitors on issues concerning the marine environment.

Twenty thousand specimens of mollusks from the collection of the GNHM have been included in the data base. These are mainly shells from all over the world, as well as from the Greek seas. They have been collected mainly during the 70’s and 80’s and some of them earlier, such as those comprising the Moazzo collection. The specimens have been entered with their scientific names already existing on the labels.