The Museum’s educational activities contribute to the provision of reliable knowledge and the formation of environmental conscience. They target pupils, students, teachers, as well as the general public.

Ever since 1974 groups of pupils from all over Greece have been visiting the Museum and touring its exhibition halls.

Apart from the presentation of the facilities, addressed to organized groups of visitors, the Educational Department is open to cooperation with teachers, students, volunteers, museum-pedagogues and animators for the implementation of programs, projects and children's workshops relating to the object of the Museum and aiming at:

  • familiarization with natural environment,
  • understanding of relations of interdependence developed in it
  • sensitization of the public on the dangers ran by natural environment today, and
  • mobilization towards its preservation.

At the same time, the Educational Department of the Museum has been monitoring the new methodological approaches introduced in Education through Interdisciplinary Curricula of school year 2006-2007 and has forged educational programs targeting groups of pupils of elementary school that visit the Museum.

The aim of such programs is to reinforce the connection with nature and to cultivate attitudes and values favouring the preservation of natural wealth, not only through knowledge but also through the joy of observation and research, cooperation and creativity.

The educational programs have been implemented, under a pilot scheme, since January 2007.