The educational activities of the Museum contribute to valid knowledge and the formation of environmental awareness. They are addressed to pupils, students, teachers, as well as the general public.Since 1974, groups of students from all over Greece visit the Museum and are guided to its exhibition halls.

In addition to the presentations of the exhibition halls via guided tours and educational programs, addressed to school groups, the Educational Department is open for collaboration with teachers, students, and volunteers. Learning outcomes:

·        To familiarize with the natural environment,

·        To understand the interdependencies that develop in it

·        To raise public awareness of the dangers of the natural environment today and

·        To activate visitors of all ages in the direction of its preservation.

Moreover, the Educational Department of the Museum, following the new methodological approaches introduced in Education through the Interdisciplinary latest School Curricula, has created educational programs addressed at primary school pupils who visit the Museum.

The aim of these programs is to strengthen the connection with nature and to cultivate positive attitude and values ​​for the preservation of natural wealth, not only through knowledge but also through the joy of observation and research, collaboration and creation.For any information related to educational visits or other educational activities you can refer to the Educational Programs on the GNHM’s  website.

For any relevant question regarding the English and French educational programs of the NHM, please contact the Head of the Educational Department of the Museum, Mrs. Lily Iakovidou – Alevra, at 210-8015870 (extension 527), Monday to Friday, 9: 00-16.30, Fax: 210-8012001, e-mail:

For school reservations, please contact Ms. Dora Kaminari, tel. 210-8015870, Monday to Friday, 8.00-15.00.

English programs
 “Exploring life beneath the waves”

French programs
 “Decouvre la vie dans la mer”

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