The Museum’s reptile collections include Greek turtles. Three sea turtles are exhibited, of which being the Leatherback Turtle, which has also been reported in the Mediterranean Sea even though it is a cosmopolitan species.

The display with the endangered species of Greek seas includes Caretta caretta, the most common sea turtle of the Greek seas and the only one to lay its eggs at the beaches of our country.

Of the 3,000 species of amphibians, 22 species have been registered so far in our country. The Museum’s displays present frogs, toads, salamanders and newts.

The Crocodiles classification is represented by the Nile crocodile reaching 7m in length and 1,000 kg in weight. A sea crocodile is also exhibited, a species usually found in brackish and sea water. It is often big in size. It is found in the area from Sound India to the North part of Australia.

The ancestors of contemporary reptiles, Dinosaurs, are represented in the same hall by a true replica of Triceratops, reaching 7.16 m in length.



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