Shrinking of the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect, chemical waste produced by industries, destruction of ecosystems and threat of extinction, and wildlife trade: these are all consequences of human activities.

Modern lifestyle represents the culmination of constant exploitation of natural resources by man that has been going on for thousands of years. Therefore, a new approach is needed, a containment of environmental degrading. It is now necessary to have an environmentally friendly development as well as a balance of human needs and desires.

Nature generously provides…24-hour cleaning service. The tidal cycle (low and high tide) filters pollutants from biological treatment plants and industries. Even mangrove swamps provide soil with natural protection from corrosion while being the reproduction and development place for many marine organisms. Finally, wetlands host a large variety of organisms that form complex food systems.

Today, many of the materials used may be recycled or reused. Three short videos present the journey of recycling of two materials, namely paper and aluminium, from the time we throw away newspapers or aluminium cans in the recycling bin, until the time we receive new, recycled materials. This is the way to reduce garbage while utilizing them.

At the end of the challenge on natural resources, visitors are called upon to think in an ecological way. While choosing a shoe, if visitors opt for a shoe made of crocodile leather they hear the sound of the gun shooting the animal. For a positive participation in the natural resources challenge, it is possible to: reuse products purchased, recycle and consume less. In the long term everyone will benefit!



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