The ‘Friends of the Goulandris Natural History Museum’ is a non-profit association founded in 1978. Its aim is to contribute to a closer relationship between the Museum and its public, and to promote an inquisitive spirit as well as love and respect towards nature, the environment and our fellow man

From 1985, the Friends initiated ecotourism in Greece with visits and excursions to important biotopes. Membership today is approximately 2.000 members, adults, children and families. The Friends are active in the field of education to adults, Jungs and children. Since 1985 they organize special events around specific subjects that sometimes last for several months and are offered for free.

The Friends have created 5 educational kits on the subjects: “The volcanoes of Greece”, “Greek forests”, “Soil supports life”, “The migration of species” and “The salt of our life”. These educational kits are given on loan to schools. Thus ‘when the School cannot go to the Museum, then the Museum goes to the school’. The kits are designed so that they can travel easily and do not require special skills by the educators who present them. The Friends also publish since 1984 a full color newsletter entitled “The Friends of the museum”.

Ones per month the Friends have an evening meeting with several cultural events, in GAIA center.

The Friends office is at the Goulandris Natural History Museum, 13 Levidou Street, 145 62 Kifissia.

Tel.+30 210 808 32 89


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