Visiting the Museum

The physical visit to GNHM is a multi-dimensional experience bringing visitors in touch with the kingdom of plants and animals and introducing them in an understandable and scientifically documented way to the function of vegetable and animal world, to the interdependence and balance of ecosystems. From 1975 until today, more than 3 million visitors, 70% of which were young people, passed the gates of the Museum and visited the exhibitions it has hosted.

Visiting Gaia Centre

Gaia Centre demonstrates to visitors the way planet Earth has been functioning for millions of years and how it functions today, with the interventions of modern people. At the entrance, as well as all along the exhibition, the ancient goddess Gaia is present extending her offering hand to humans.

The «Geosphere», which is unique in the world, is a hemispherical dome- monitor of 5m of diameter and of approximately 40 m2 of surface. It shows the rotating planet in 225,000 high resolution images. It also presents, in a brief and concise way, the geological evolution of the planet from its creation, 4.6 billion years ago, until today.

The exhibition is conceived and implemented by the London Museum of Natural History in cooperation with Goulandris Museum of Natural History.

The exhibition starts with an exciting show entitled “Our World Today”. It is a first acquaintance with the planet, with the variety of its landscapes, its vegetation and its animal wealth as well as with the various demonstrations of human presence.








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